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This website is devoted to case presentations using Brånemark System and Biomet 3i Dental Implants in  the context of routine treatment provided in a broad based general dental practice.

Our practice in Batemans Bay specialises in providing start to finish Dental Implant solutions in all clinical applications. The General Practice setting means that we are as committed to retaining teeth as we are to applying the best treatment protocols to replace hopeless teeth. This approach reflects the fact that the use of dental implant solutions should be seen as a routine dental treatment protocol and the gold standard for the replacement of missing teeth.

The Brånemark System

is currently celebrating 44 years since the first patient was treated in Sweden in 1965. This patient received a hybrid prosthesis supported by four commercially pure titanium screw type implants (99.75%). The original Brånemark standard fixture is the only dental implant validated by research satisfying scientific method.

Competing dental implant systems have attempted to manufacture generic products based on the original Swedish research but are really not entitled to use this research as their product varies from this research in titanium composition, surface texture and many design features of the fixture itself.Branemark System

The Biomet 3i Osseotite external hexagon fixture, however, is confirmed in dental literature to be macroscopically identical to a MkII Branemark Implant. Biomet 3i reproduced this fixture following a flawed management decision to delete it from the Branemark System at Nobel Biocare, when the company was being heavily influenced by a CEO whose background was purely in marketing. This fixture remains desirable due to it's good tapping potential in denser bone, but remains suitable for most treatment sites. It retains research integrity by remaining a commercially pure titanium fixture.

The Routine Use of the Dental Implant in General Dentistry as a Routine Option in our General Daily Practice

 Allows us to provide the most appropriate treatment solutions whenever the patient presents for dental treatment, whether it be future planning of young patients with congenitally missing teeth right through to older edentulous patients who can no longer chew and require oral rehabilitation.

Branemark Dental ImplantIt now means that there are very few clinical circumstances where historical, conventional dental bridgework can be recommended as the first choice treatment option in order to replace a lost tooth or teeth. In fact, failed bridges often result in further tooth loss, and become a common reason that patients present for implant treatment. 

Surgical training courses in Sweden provide the bulk of the clinical inspiration for all the clinical cases completed since we began surgical implant installations in 1999. I have entrenched the concept in the practice that the best restorative solutions are delivered by the person who places the implant in the first place. This delivers a consistency which connects the surgical and prosthetic stages.

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Dr. Stephen Nelson
Dental Surgeon
BDS (Syd), BSc (Syd)
PhD In Implant Dentistry In Progress (University of Sydney)